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Skylanders Swap Force Starter Kit Reg $74.99 I paid $34.66


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I went to Target this morning.

They had video games buy 2 get 1 free.

I picked up 3 each of the Skylanders Swap Force Starter Kits, regular price $74.99 for a cost of $224.97.

They rang up buy 2 get 1 free, bringing my cost down to $149.97.

I gave them 3 each $10.00 off coupons I bought on ebay, bringing my cost down to $119.97.

I gave them 3 each $5.00 Target coupons from the Toy Catalog.  They would only use two.  They were limited to one per person and it was just my husband and I, bringing my cost down to $109.97.

I paid with my Target red card and that gave me another 5% off bringing me down to around $105.00 for 3 Swap Force Starter kits.

My grandsons will be very happy.  They were cheaper than Toys r Us Black Friday prices, and I don't have to stand in line or worry about availability.

If you don't have any of the $10.00 off coupons, you can still score a great deal!



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I just paid $15 at Target!!!!!!

Price matched or $37

Used $10 manufacturer coupon from a bag of chips

Used a 30% video game coupon from target (register print out own)

My son also got to choose a swap force figure as a gift with purchase!

I also had the $5 skylanders coupon, but she forgot to take that one off. I won't complain :)

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Does anyone know if Target will price match from the Walmart website on a phone? 

I didn't have any devices on me.  The electronics guy said the customer service would look it up on their iPad.


CS didn't even have to look it up.  He said that he'd already pm'd a few and knew what was up.

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Thanks Joli!

After I saw your post, I went back to Target for a price adjustment and they gave me $12.99 back on each of them.  Sweet!!!!!

But they wouldn't let me have the free character.  They said only one promotion so I took the cash.

Thanks again!  I started out thinking the Skylanders were going to be one of my most expensive toys to buy and it ended up to be one of the cheapest.

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