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Online Deals Forum Rules, Tips, FAQs & Information

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Posted Oct 5, 2013 - 7:35 am

Welcome to the Online Deals forum. Below you will find some general rules and tips to help you become a successful deal contributor to this forum. Forum-wide rules that need to be followed by everyone are listed here.
If you need to know how to do basic things on the forum such as posting thread, adding pictures or editing your profile, see the very helpful forum help section for all the details. Chances are your answer will be answered somewhere in here.

What Information Should You Include in a Deal Thread?
Try to include as much detail as possible in the title, including the sale price as well as the name of the site. You have a limited amount of space, so try to be creative. Expand on the deal information in your post. General info to provide: expiration date of the coupon or deal, minimum purchase requirements, site link, shipping costs, and the coupon code(s) (if needed). The more information you include, the better. Mention any rebate info as well. Also be sure to say if the item is refurbished. Follow up if possible, so you can edit your post to include new developments. You can also add a picture to your deal.

Always Search First!
Prior to posting, please use the search feature in the upper right portion of the page to see if your contribution has already been posted. Choose one or two keywords from your deal. If Looking for The Princess Bride DVD, searching for the words "princess bride" in the search box should return any similar deals.
What kind of deals should I post?
Please keep in mind that simply copying/pasting "regular" sales or items priced at or very close to what every store sells them for aren't usually considered "legit" deals. Get a feel by searching through the forum of what are good prices for the items, and only post if it is cheaper than the going price on most other sites. If you find a deal on another deal site, it's OK to borrow the deal, but do not directly copy and paste it - put the title and description in your own words.
Question or Problem That Isn’t Covered Here?
Moderator’s names will appear in bold or colors at the bottom of the front forum page, you can also find a list of them here. You can send a PM (personal message to a moderator by hovering over their name and pressing “Send Message”. When thy respond to you, you will see a red number indicating the number of messages you have received at the top of the forum page by the envelope. You must be logged in to send or receive messages.

Find a Repost or a Spam Post?
Use the Report button at the bottom of the original post that is a problem; explain the problem with the post and a moderator will take care of it. Keep in mind that if you accidentally repost a deal that has already been posted, the moderators will likely remove your post or merge it with the original deal.

Found an Old Deal That's Still Good?
Do not create new threads to inform that another deal is still available. Replying to the original thread will bump it up to the top of the list to let others know it can be purchased again. If a deal is significantly better than it was when originally posted, feel free to create a new thread.

Where to Post?
Deal requests and questions belong in the Deal Finder & Deal Discussion sub-forum.
Deals that are free belong in the Freebies & Free Offers sub-forum.
Deals that are at brick and mortar stores (not online) belong in the Offline Hot Deals sub-forum.
Deals that are online deals belong in the Online Hot Deals forum that you are in right now.

Self-Promotion & Referral Links are Not Allowed!
Referrals are not allowed. This includes posting of referral links, asking for a referral, PMing referrals, having a referral link in your signature, or linking to any & all sites that contain referrals. It doesn't matter what kind of referral it is This is a zero tolerance policy, any post found to contain such a link will be removed and it is under the admin’s discretion to remove your membership to the forums.


Do not promote your own e-commerce site or Amazon listings. If you do this, you will be banned, your IP will be banned and your information will be submitted to industry-wide spam databases preventing you from spamming other forums.

Coupon Posting Rules
Please do not post scanned or altered printable manufacturer coupons. Do not post other site specific codes. (ie: having another deal site’s name in them.)

Replying to a thread
When you want to reply to a message, either scroll down to the bottom of the page and type your message in your reply to this topic box or you can click on the quote button of the topic you are responding to which will allow you to type your message under that person’s quote

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