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What happened to the forum earlier today?

Zim Hosein

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No clue. Like I said, I haven't had any problems, and I've been checking it all day (we also have posts on here from all hours today - so it must have been up for others as well). It must have been some lingering DNS problems on your end. Hopefully it is all resolved by now :)
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It's been working fine for me all day. What was the problem? Maybe you were still seeing the effects of the server move if the domain had not propagated on your end yet.


I hate that word. Its evi! :mad: lol.

I agree that propogation is an evil word. Waiting 48-72 hours is a major hassle and PITA.


However I may have found a solution, a third party DNS provider.


Imagine changing web servers from Florida to New York and the DNS propogates in 5 minutes :)

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