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Let me know when this is fixed - images in threads give error


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Let me know when this is fixed.


Trying to post a bunch of stuff but it isn't letting me do so. I get this error message


You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.


Also, when I copy and paste a title, it is HUGE and I always have to change the size. Too time consuming.



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So I can't just use the little Image Properties box anymore to post a pic?


I usually just copy and paste a title from the website. Now when I do it, it is huge. I have to change the size to a 12.

You can use that, but the URL for the image must end with one of those extensions I listed in my last post. I'm going to try to find a way to allow any URL like the old board. They restrict it to just those extensions because allowing any URL for an image can lead to a lot of security problems but I know that a lot of retailers don't use those extensions on their images so it can cause problems for deal posts.


As for the other part, you might want to click the very first icon on the toolbar when posting (it looks like a lightswitch). That will change the post editor from the "what you see is what you get" to a plain text mode like the old board. If it's not in text mode, whatever you paste will keep the formatting from whatever site you copied it from.

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Here's a BMP, appears to be working.



Here's an SVG, that's working too.


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