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Decorating Ideas?


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I've started to put up indoor decorations (everything but the tree) in our living room & dining room (which are connected), but you can barely tell there's anything there. We have basically no decorating budget, & no floor space (but lots of wall space & nice door frame mouldings i've put stuff on), so I'm desperate for ideas on how I can make the most impact with the least amt of money.


My theme this year is blue & silver, & so far i have up some thin wire garland & silver snowflakes across the tops of the doors, & i also have traditional fluffy garland but no idea where to put it.



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Look around your house and see what you can use. Gather all your candles and group them and tie ribbon or sprigs of pine on them. I like to use mirrors behind candles and underneath sparkly decorations. I have an old mirror that was hanging on the wall when I bought the house that I bring out every year to display my Snow Babies on. A bowl of oranges or apples always looks nice too. Even wrapping some boxes and having them seating around will make it look for festive. Use your imagination and you will be surprised at what you can do with what you already have.
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We actually just went to shop for decorations on a tight budget as well today :D I used to have a very full huge 7 1/2 foot tree that was very wide. With the new baby and all the baby items (walker, bouncy seat, etc) around, we didn't have the room this year for it :( SO...we had gotten a rebate for $40 from menards this summer and I forgot about it until it was time for a tree - got that for 49.99 and we lost all our ornaments due to cats last year :mad: (all glass ornaments which they liked to bat at). As far as cash we paid out to get all our tree items was only $30.00.


Anyway...I put the tree up and realized that it's not as overpowering as my big tree, so it doesn't stand out as much (we got a 7 1/2 foot slim tree this year). So I told hubby that we need more decor, but didn't want to take up floor space as the baby is crawling around ;) Being new to this forum, I hope I can post a link here for 101 Decorating Ideas - great ones in there! I am definitely doing some paper snowflakes like I did as a child and hanging them from the beams in our living room - I love that idea :)


I would check out Dollar Tree if you have one as you can get a lot for a little bit of nothing. We just spent about $25.00 today and got 3 large bags of decorations for inside between Walmart and Dollar General (not as cheap as the Dollar Store, but we don't have one).


Some items we bought:


  • Cheap wreath - 1.97
  • Package of red velvet bows with tiny bells - .97
  • 2 Gold medium size bows - .67 each
  • Small wall hangings (snowman & santa) - wooden/mache - .97 each

  • Wooden wreath with snowman & Let It Snow wooden thing on top - 3.50
  • Christmas Floral Garland (White & Red Poinsettas) - 1.00 each
  • Gold wire angel with glitter (you can hang it or just put it on something) - 1.00
  • Mini trees with red berries - 1.00 each
  • Snowman pillar candle holder (i'm addicted to snowmen LOL) - 3.00 (ceramic)
  • Pillar Candle (Christmas scented) - 2.00
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