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It seems every girl has their thing, mine, unfortunately, is expensive handbags! I have several Coach purses and here's what I've found...


Costco carries Coach. Sometimes in-store and almost always online (costco.com). Check to see if there is a way to click through this site.


Macy's will reduce the price from time to time; Nordstrom will as well, just not as often. Coach is only available in-store and not through either stores website.


If you know what to watch for, every once in a while you can score at TJ Maxx or Ross which will sometimes have Coach. Usually rare though.


The Coach outlet, like Marcster suggested, is another way to save.


Besides that, the only other place you might check is on eBay. Just make sure it's not fake.


Coach is pretty finicky about who sells their stuff so you won't find them at any of the online closeout sites that carry other designer pursers, at least not that I can find anyway!


Good luck ~ Rebecca

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