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If you don't get a voucer, it can't hurt to ask


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So, my wife went to Best Buy at midnight while I went to CompUSA to get the 20" Olevia LCD TV. I didn't get back to best buy until 3:15 since the lines at CompUSA go so slow with all the rebate reciepts printing out. Anyways, we waited in line and we were about 20th. We got a voucher for the Kodak cameras and the guy in front of us got the last laptop ticket. I wanted one to give to my mom for christmas, and a second for my little sisters boyfried who was a little further back in line. About 10 minutes after they were handed out, I went up to the front of the line and simply asked if anyone had changed their mind (I did it half jokingly). Well, it turns out one guy had changed his mind. Then I saw a guy who was behind me in line last BF and he told me he was buying it simply for the free printer. Well, I worked it out with him and I bought the printer and he gave the the tax and everything for it, so it cost me $70 more in the short term, but this way I was able to get 2 laptop tickets! :greenappl I just thought I'd say it doesn't hurt to ask.
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