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*** FREE 2 Netgear 802.11g WiFi routers, PCI adapter and Laptop card AR ***


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I got my 2 routers a couple of days ago. I was charged $26.43 and haven't received any additional emails from Amazon stating the total has changed. The invoice on Amazon still shows $26.43. The only part that worries me is I charged the routers to my Amazon card I just applied for. They gave me instant access to the card but now I don't have a number to call to verify what I was charged..... :fryingpan My question for those whose billing amount changed did the total of the invoice change on Amazon.com and did they also email the change to you?


I don't think the $30 from the Amazon credit card for new sign up applied either. Wouldn't my invoice be zero if it did? Not a big deal there as I can use the $30 on books (I hope!).

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