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Hell at CC


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Okay, so, This probably isn't at all CC's, because some are laid out wayyy better than this one. I decided I wanted to go for the Toshiba laptop today, so at 8:30pm (yes, I'm crazy), I get in line. I was 2nd in line, so I knew I'd get a voucher... Anyways, It got down to about 13 degrees over the night, and people had a bonfire in line to keep warm, but I was still freezing my ass off, but happy because I was #2. Then at around 3am, all sorts of people started showing up towards the front of the line because people were 'holding their spots' all night long. That started a few debates, but nothing serious, until the CC employees came out at about 4 with the vouchers. I got my laptop voucher (they had 18), but alot of pissed off people didn't. We were told to sign up for the AOL rebate, we were to go to car audio installation room, and if we didn't purchase by 9am, our laptop was going to be sold...


So at about 4:45, they put donuts out right inside the doors for us which was cool, but I was too cold to eat. Then all hell broke loose when people decided to drive up, and jump to the front of the line to get in. People started yelling, but no fights that I saw.


Then the doors opened, we went in calmly, and when we got to the installation room for our AOL rebate, NO ONE WAS THERE. We had to find an employee to get some one in there to get us going. Then finally ONE employee started helping us (we had 18 people in line with laptop vouchers, and many more for the eMachine).... We were told there would be a dedicated checkout line for us, but there wasn't. We had to wait in line while the horrible employees took their sweet time checking everyone out, in order to pay.. This CC was an older one, and the layout was in a circle, so the checkouts were all over. The store was one giant checkout line starting at 5:15. I waited in a checkout line for almost 2 hours, only to have the guy try to tell me the AOL rebate was a mail-in. Finally he called a manager over, and the manager fixed the mistake but acted as if I should have just paid the $450.


...THen once again, off to another line. This time to pick up the laptop. That line took about 30 minutes, and I got out of that place.


I have never seen more lazy employees on BF. There were plenty of workers, but they were standing around doing NOTHING. And the ones who were working the registers were slow as hell, because they decided to stop and chit chat with everyone they came in contact with, including other employees. People were very mad when they waited in line for over and hour to find out the register was credit card/check only. There were no signs on most of the registers to show this, so people had no way of knowing. I'm definitely not going back to that CC next year. The manager didn't care about the customers. All he was worried about was taking pictures of us waiting in line at 4am.:mad:

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Guest general41391

I have never seen more lazy employees on BF. There were plenty of workers, but they were standing around doing NOTHING. And the ones who were working the registers were slow as hell, because they decided to stop and chit chat with everyone they came in contact with, including other employees.

Ugh, I hate that.:gd_stars:

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I got there at 10PM was 19th in line.


Pretty cool crowd, No trouble really. Had a few people try to cut the front of the line but, it turns out there were CC employees in street clothes starting around 1AM, they walked the line talked to people. Turns out they were scoping the line to see who was there and when 3:30 rolled around all of a sudden they were in CC Shirts and started giving people the bums rush to the back of the line. There were also a few weirdos caseing the line like they were checking everyone out.


The people that got there after 1AM were bummed because by then there were 125 people in line. There was 350 or something by the time the store opened. The people that showed at 4AM or later were visually stunned.


THE CC Employees did a really good job on making sure new arrivals got to the back of the line and handing out vouchers.


When they handed out the vouchers for the Toshiba laptop for $199, (Not the $299 w/ Antivirus. there were 28 of those.) The CC Guy handed me Voucher 19 of 19!!!





The Nightmare begins after the store opened.


Store opened at 5AM I was in Laptop Line at 5:04 7th in line.


The whole AOL Process was a Nightmare, First the system Crashed. so we had to wait. Then the system was up and I got setup with AOL, but something got screwed up. After they sent me to the "Done with AOL, Waiting for the Laptop Line." They handed out Blank pieces of paper and we had to fill out our AOL Account Info and give CCard info again so they could "Call it in" and get some verification and barcode from AOL. But they did that with everyone in the "Waiting to get signed up for AOL" line and all of a sudden there were people from the back of the "Waiting to get signed up for AOL" line getting called up first. infront of use in the "Done with AOL, Waiting for the Laptop Line." who had been waiting for ever. People were pissed. Before a riot broke out they put the line back in order and started calling people in turn. I had to wait MORE because they didn't know what CCard I gave them, DUH! first four numbers. Then at some point the other 6 people who had been infront of me, and, had walked off with their laptptops 25-20 minutes previously had to come back and butt in front of me and go back the "Done with AOL, Waiting for the Laptop Line." to get some other bullshit fixed. So I kept getting bumped. If I hadn't apperently already signed up for AOL twice at that point, I would have told them to friggen forget it, and just bill me the $450 full boat on the laptop.



Mean While the weirdos scoping the outside hung around the Cashier where you turned in your vouchers like vultures. One lady was walking the line saying "If anyone wants to give up the Voucher for the $199 Laptop I'll take it." On her third pass everyone finally told her to STFU!.


I Finally got my laptop in hand and was out of the store at 8:16am EST... Three Hours and Nine minutes to pay for a laptop that I had a voucher for. As I was leaving some lady walked up to the Cashier and pointed at all the laptops behind and said "Is that the $199 Laptop? Could you give me two of those?" the people in line just started laughing and told here she was wayy too late.


I feel bad for the CC employees they did a pretty good job and were taking a beat down from all the angry people having to wait because of the SAOL Screwups.


When everyone signed up for AOL they were put on the $23.90 Plan. We were told that if they tried to put us on the $14.95 plan it would crash the system, they told we would have to call AOL and have our service downgraded to the $14.95 Plan. Everyone in line was suspicious, that maybe they figured out they were losing money on the $14.95 Plan.


Now after all that I gotta go round and round with AOL more than likely to get the $14.95 I asked for in the first place.

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