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For those with a fake tree but....


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want that real tree smell......


Sunrise Soap Company has their Christmas items on their site now including some Aromatic Room Sprays.


We have a fake tree but LOVE that real tree smell so I am trying to find out which of the scents is as close to that smell as possable (might just get Mistletoe Kiss as well because I LOVE that scent!!!)


Sunrise Soap has free shipping for orders over 25.00. I also think that when you first sign-up you get a 5.00 discount as well (through an email link). They are a great site and have very quick shipping.



Just got an email back......


Hi Leah -


Yes, definitely the Christmas Wreath - - it's

very Christmas Tree'e (huh?) :o)


Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!



Sunrise Soap Company

Their customer service is top notch too btw! :D

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Guest all2tired
I just get some cut off branches from produce junction and make wreaths out of them and have the remainder as part of decorating. That way I get the real tree smell. (produce junction will just give you the branches that they cut off or fell off)
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Yankee candle has a plug in room fragrance and there are a few that smell like real evergreen trees. One of my favorites is Mistletoe. They also have one called Christmas Wreath that smells like a real tree. I plug these in a few different spots including around my tree. It smells so real.:g_thumble
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