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My BB had the door buster computers...even though ad didn't have them!

First Lady

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My area (Iowa) was one of those "test markets" where they did not have any of the doorbusters going on. We got the $15 GC with $100 purchase. Well, I"m standing in line at another store and this lady pulls out a ticket for the emachines desktop and says how she got it, but doesn't want it, so I offered to take it off her hands! She gives it to me and says I just have to be back by noon. It was $189.99, not the $149.99, but still, WOW! I was happy! I went to pick it up...took me just under 2 hours in line, UGG! I wish I could have remembered the other things that were dorr busters to see if they were cheap as well. But not going back now to wait in the long line again!


Oh and they had the laptop too, but I guess only got in around 10 or so of them and they were way gone.


Sure suprised me since nothing was advertised, you had to ask about it.

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