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Well guys wish me luck!!!!


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Nope wasn't too late at all. We had a blast. I got everything I went for, which was pretty easy since all I was buying was toys, ps2 console and games and dvd's. It was hillarious at Walmart. Once the plastic started being cut from the pallets, CPD's and CB's were flying through the air! Since people were so packed around the pallets, the employees started tossing items to people that couldn't reach the pallets....it was something to see. Never seen that many grandma's catch toys like that. They put a lot of NFL players to shame:sidesplit:

Finished hitting all the stores and getting everything we needed, then went to Walgreens to get the $0.67 wrapping paper and $0.99 Loreal lipstick. Then home to wrap all this stuff.

All in all we had a good day:D

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