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Why is Philips 51" HDTV (51PP9100D) so cheap???


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Thanks for the reply. But is it worth the extra weight? It looks like it won't be made obsolete when HD becomes the standard. The room I would be putting it in is pretty big.

But it is an HDTV ready TV, just make sure you have a good source cable, satellite or OTA receiver.


If you have the space and don't mind the size/weight, BUY IT.


You can order it online now, not sure how much shipping is.



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Estimated delivery cost is $50 (without inputting zip code), not bad for such a large/heavy item IMO. :)


Though when I attempt to checkout (before putting in CC info, just trying to get an accurate ship estimate), it says..


We're sorry, circuitcity.com is unable to process your transaction at this time. All items in your shopping cart have been saved and will be available for checkout shortly. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

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