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WALMART BF prices now online---ORDER!!!


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The viore plasma everyone has been talkign about and speculating / confirming to be the HD 1024x1024 pixel model for 997$ now appears to be the EDTV model, as currently seen on the walmart website for 997$.


Viore 42" Plasma EDTV w/ Integrated ATSC Digital Tuner

42" ED Plasma with Built in ATSC Tuner, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 852 x 480 Resolution, 3000:1 Contrast Ratio, DVI







That deal's ruined, oh well.

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The DVDs are SERIOUSLY disappointing.


I think there are only about 4 titles I'd buy. Not enough to convince me to step foot into a WalMart on BF.


Best Buy always tries to put in some classics in there. Wal Mart just puts out the trash that no one buys.

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Rush Hour 2


Minority Report

Catch Me if You Can

Demolition Man

Devil's Advocate

Billy Madison

Road to Perdition

Lethal Weapon 2

Spy Game


Falling Down

Lethal Weapon 3


All worth $3.44. Not good enough to get me into the store though. :)


(that's not a complete list... just the ones I've seen that are worth buying for what you'd pay to rent it at Blockbuster ;))

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