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$9.99 Ram 512MB PC3200


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Thanks for the heads up, will check and see which memory Dh's computer takes since he could use some more.


As for Tigerdirect we have had no problems with them at all. We have been buying from them since about 2000.




I rarely post here, but I just had to in this case. I, too, have heard a lot of bad reviews from tigerdirect, but I have bought from them countless times over the years. Never had a problem.


I even returned a few items here and there. No RMA issue. Friendly customer service. I think maybe tigerdirect as far as customer service.... has gotten better over the years...

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have ordered MANY times from Tiger Direct. (including this deal which by the way, the second link says CANADA, so I called CS and they are well aware of the problem, and you will still get the rebate. )


Not only have I NEVER had a problem with TD, they are very nice when you call adn there is a guarantee on the page for lots of their stuff about rebates, so buy from them with confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What kind of RAM though?

its ultra brand ram... for 9.99 doesn't really matter to me, i ordered some, already have 1gb of dual channel, another 512mb retainer can't hurt.


i have also ordered from tiger direct off and on for over 10 years now and never had any of the problems.

the only thing i don't like is i'm in florida and get charged sales tax, but.. i think that will be for the whole internet soon.

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