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will walmart price match another walmart??


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I called tonight regarding the laptops:


The walmart ad on tv had the laptops advertised for 378 or something and I was furious and called the local WM and asked to speak to the manager and he said oh there was a misprint in our ads the laptop is 378 but we have EXTREMELY limited amounts of them.. I then went on to ask about the desktops and he said were they on tv too? I said not on this commercial and he said ok they are still 488! BS if ya ask me, just say that you live in between towns and that is the ad that you got and make them take it. I am going to Mesquite tomorrow and getting about 20 papers and handing them to everyone in line wanting the desktops. I highly doubt they are going to tell 20 plus uh sorry we can't they will have a huge riot. Also I asked about the extra flyer he said um well we don't have them but if you got one in your paper we will honor it. BS BS BS!




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