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Digital Camera for kids


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I get what you mean about these digital cameras being kind of "pricey" for little kids, I just bought my 4 1/2 yr old daughter a Hello Kitty Digital Camera at $39.99 at Walmart, but when I checked the Internet no one has them any cheaper, and they are nearly impossible to find for kids our kids age anyway.


You might try ebay and see if any pop up, if you check weekly you might get lucky. I didn't want a used kid's camera, don't want to wait for the resalers to get some in and on ebay (I'll bet within 6 months these will be 1/2 the price on ebay), so, I just sucked it up and bought it... knowing that I am going to be constantly saying "don't drop it" and "put it away in your drawer when you finished with it." Not to say my child isn't going to drop it, toss it, and leave it everywhere... She has tons of these kinds of things and drops, tosses, and leaves them all over and then SCREAMS when she can't find them and expects me to find them (mother's are suppose to read minds and have telepathy to all missing items in a family - or so everyone seems to think).


Good luck. Unless your daughter is really wanting to start taking pixs (mine is), I'd wait until the price comes down to about 1/2-2/3 as you are right, $40. for a preschooler is nuts. (call me "certifiable").



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i checked this out earlier either office max or office depot has or had one for 29.00. i forget the name but it looked like it took decent pics.i'm going now to see if i can find it it is ofice max,the name is sakar 3 in 1 camera camera video chat and something ese 19.98 holds 117 pics and has charging thing. i think for a kid that is pretty cool
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I bought 2 on BF at Office Max. They aren't specifically for kids, but all of those have HORRIBLE reviews and horrible resolution. The 2 I got are 4 mp by DXG for $49.99 each, and for an additional $11 I got a 1 year replacement warranty that COVERS IT EVEN IF IT IS DROPPED!!!


I know that is a bit much to spend on a "TOY", but it has to be more fun than a camera without an LCD that takes lousy pictures, and those cost $40.



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