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Walmart gift sets with magazine subscription included.


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Just a reminder that there are boxed lotion gifts sets that have a coupon for a free year magazine subscription in it. I know at least one as Oil of Olay and there's a mens one too. I think there were 4 or 5 different sets that had the offer on. It usually says it in the top right corner or the middle of the package front. A nice lady pointed it out to me last year and I did it and it worked. I don't subscribe to any magazines but when they are free I'll take them! Fun to get mail. :) I think I got Glamour, Allure, Newsweek and Better Homes and Gardens. The gift sets are only 4.97. It's a really great deal. They had a 2 pack toothbrush and a toothpaste in Disney Princess, that cartoon Pirate or Cars for $2.97. Not a bad deal. Got a couple of LED light sets. It was fairly busy there. They hardly had any candy and some of it was barely marked down. It was pretty fun. :)
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