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Mario Kart 7, Paper Sticker Star, or Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS $29.99 Kmart


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This special also includes Super Mario Bros. 2 - 3DS and Mario Tennis 3DS.


I wonder if this is in an actual Kmart sales paper or if you can price match with BestBuy online. BB has theirs for $20 off when you but two select ones. So if you could stack these that would make the $19.99 a piece. Hmmmm.....

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I was able to stack this with the special Best Buy has going on. Since the ad doesnt state that the game has to be a certain price only that you have to purchase two of them, I was able to price match at Best Buy. After it was added up and the price adjustment was done an additional $20 came off for the Best Buy sale. This made my total $40, making my games $20.00 each! SWEEEEEET! Thanks OP! :g_dance:
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