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Official One-and-Only "What I Got" & "My Black Friday Experience" Thread


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Rather than have everyone post their own separate thread detailing their experience shopping on Thursday & Friday, we're going to do what we always do and have this one main thread.


If you post your experience in a separate thread, we're either going to merge it in here or delete it, so if you want to make sure you don't do all that typing for nothing, make sure it goes in here.


Thanks :)


PS - Feel free to post what you've ordered online as well.

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So far.....


  • $99 Insignia 26" TV ordered during BB's Silver Premier event. Order places on Monday and it arrived yesterday.
  • Two $9.99 Logitech mice (not shipped yet)
  • Two sets of Skullcandy earbuds for $9.99 each. (not shipped yet) I get this deal every year because my wife and son go through these things like crazy
  • Dead Island for XBOX 360 for $7.99 (not shipped yet)
  • Iron Man 2 and Wraith of the Titans on blu-ray for $3.99 each. (On backorder)

Plan on ordering the PS3 bundle on amazon later tonight and holding out on a Garmin 40LM on amazon to see if they match HHGregg's price of $69.99. Also gonna pick up a few 16GB SD cards from Best Buy for $9.99 or hope amazon matches the price. That will be it for me as far as BF deals. Done and didn't have to leave the house.

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so far I have got the 16gb micro sd cards at Radio Shack . Also I bought the Portable Sega Genesis from Dollar General, which isn't ringing up at the $25 price on the website and showing as $40 , however i used the $5 off code ( SAVENOW) and got it adjusted to under $40, i might try to get it adjusted further if i can


I am going to try to see if I can Score the $88 tv at Kmart tonight (either in person or online)

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So far the best deal that I've gotten is an iPad 3 with 3 cases, keyboard and screen protector from eBay for $300! Already arrived. For my daughter (19). Thank goodness for clueless sellers LOL!


Also just scored some Victoria's Secret stuff for myself with $15 off, free shipping and the free tote bag. :2wiggle:

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Been to Walgreens twice already LOL


Got some toys for the baby and some dog items for the puppy that Madison is getting for Christmas. Also got dh a gilette set and some wrapping paper. 1st trip was only 10.00, 2nd trip was almost 90.00 but I paid a little over 40 (and got like 3xxx reward points).

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Well, being the fun person that I am, I am now the proud owner of 20 packs of Toilet Paper. :) That was the number one thing on my list.

I've gone to Family Dollar, Dollar General, ad made 2 trips to Walgreen's. We are stocked on shampoo, TP, paper towels, detergent, and toothpaste for a while. Also got soda, spaghetti sauce, cereal, and some shampoo gift sets.


Placed online orders at Kohls and Best Buy, got a Sonicare and flash drives.

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So far:

KMart-Wall Mount for 32 in TV, 3 pair of Maxell ear phones, 2 Diet MT Dews 2liters, Griddle

Used my $5.10 SYW rewards that I had on my account, got a $5 Kmart card, and $11 more SYW reward bucks spent $72


Wags-4 Edge Shaving Gel, 2 Pert Plus, 2 Tresemme Hair spray, 2 Scunci ponytail holders

Spent $20 got back $6 RR and a $10 coupon off a $35 purchase to use tomorrow


Family Dollar-8 Diet DP 2liters $6.20


Kroger-Spent $4.10 Used my gift card *$50*from my work and was able to purchase a $25 Kohls gift card with some groceries for today


ONLINE-bought 2 Chi's from Kohls, used my above mentioned gift card, total with free shipping $150.82


I have done great today but my real shopping is at 8pm at WalMart

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So far...


Kohl's I got 4 bras.


Target got the beats headphones in green, backordered slippers, couple sets of pjs.


Once everything went live it was all smooth sailing.


Headed to Target tonight to get what I couldn't online and hopefully DH will head to Home Depot in the am to get that $59 tree.

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My purchases so far... and I'll update throughout the day/weekend :cheesy:

Last Updated: 8:55 PM PST


Best Buy @ 11 PM PST on 11/21/12

- Killzone Trilogy with Controller ($39.99)

- Supernatural Season 7 ($9.99)

- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Blu-ray ($3.99)

Plus we had reward zone certificates that we used :D Check out was fast and easy and I got my confirmation e-mails & checked the status recently. They're getting them ready to ship. Just waiting on those shipping confirmation e-mails now.



@ 12:20 PM PST on 11/22/12

- Brave Blu-ray 3-Disc set ($8.96)

Apparently, I had a fast connection because it sold out REALLY fast. Glad I won't have to hunt this down at Wal-Mart :)



@ 12:37 PM PST on 11/22/12

- LG 3D Blu-Ray Player w/ WiFi ($68.00)

They have special "insider" event you got to by clicking a link in their email that let you buy certain in-store doorbusters online. Free shipping to your home with orders over $45 also :) The only thing that sucked about WM is the amount of "in-store only" products they have this year -_-


@the store on 11/22/12

I got to the store at about 7:15 PM. Parking was okay. Inside, it was crowded and people were walking everywhere trying to find what they were looking for. I asked an associate where the Blu-Rays and DVDs were since they didn't have it listed on the map but she didn't know where. She mentioned probably by electronics. Electronics said probably by auto. Auto said probably by electronics. Finally found another customer that had seen the pallets which were between the clothes and jewelry area. People started tearing into the DVDs about 15 min early and while some of us had reservations of opening the pallets without the employee's okay someone (not sure who) screamed to open them and everyone did. So I grabbed when I needed (really easily) and headed to the guy clothes nearby then the game line. They opened the area to everyone before I got to the front of the line but I was still able to nab all but one game I needed. I hate that I couldn't find a single basket in the store. They only had carts available (I think they stored all baskets away or something). After that I swung by the DVDs and Blu-Rays again and checked out.

- (Blu-Ray) Battleship ($8.96)

- (Blu-Ray) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ($8.96)

- (Blu-Ray) Rise of the Apes ($3.96)

- (Blu-Ray) Battle: LA ($3.96)

- (Blu-Ray) Anastasia ($3.96)

- (DVD) Taken ($1.96)

- (PS3) Batman: Arkham Asylum ($10.00)

- (PS3) SOCOM 4 ($10.00)

- (PS3) Call of Duty: World at War ($10.00)

- Skylanders Giants GID ($9.96)

- Men's clothes ($8.00 each)


@the store on 11/23/12

Went back in the afternoon (around 4:30 PM) on Black Friday. There was still a considerable amount of Blu-Rays and DVDs left. Not much of anything else though. I ended up finding a few Triple Feature Blu-Rays I didn't see earlier.

- (Blu-Ray) Triple Feature: Hangover, Hangover 2, Over Due ($9.00)

- (Blu-Ray) Triple Feature: Goonies, Gremlins, Gremlins 2 ($9.00)


I headed to our local mall after Wal-Mart. Thanks to the earlier Black Friday times, TONS of people were at the mall. And when I say tons of people, I mean a bunch of adolescent kids running around in groups being rowdy and annoying.


Victoria's Secret

The wait time was horrendous. I stood in line to get in the store starting at 11:30 PM. Got into the store at 12:40 AM (they opened at 12 AM). Got what I wanted and stood in line (about 20 min) to get into the room where you can get in line for one of the registers (another 30 min wait). It was ridiculous.

- 2 Bras (BOGO 1/2 off)

- Free Tote Bag


Bath & Body Works

- Wallflowers refill sets for $5 each (x4)

- Anti-Bacterial Soap (6 for $20)

- VIP Tote bag ($20)


My mom was tired (I told her not to come if she was too tired but she still wanted to) So I didn't end up going anywhere else. Went home and slept. Went out to JCPenney around 1:30 PM to get some pins. So far, I've gotten a $5 off $5 purchase.

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BF Update!
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So far I've gotten:

$199 Lenovo laptop from Amazon

$49.99 Sirius speaker dock from SiriusXM

$99 Nikon from Target,

a few of the video game deals from Gamestop

$119 JVC camcorder, tripod, SD cards at Walmart

& a DVD box set from Best Buy.

AND I got WM to PM the 1600 point Xbox Live cards from Target :D


Had a blast meeting people at WM and teaming up to get all of the stuff we all needed. Turns out the guy helping me lives around the corner from me so we are gonna go together next year.


I just need the $8 slow cooker from JCP and $2.99 popcorn tins at Rite Aid

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Will add as the weekend goes on... :-)



Just Dance 4 for Wii -- $12.89 (had some gift cards from a survey site that helped out on that one... got free shipping)


Best Buy

Helped the neighbor nab the Nabi 2 for her kid. $129.99 with free shipping!



Also helped the neighbor nab two of the 24 inch Orion televisions for $74. Free site to store.

Memory Foam mattress pad -- $29

DVDs (Happiness is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown, last 3 Harry Potter movies) -- $2

Collage Frame -- $9 (probably a little much... I thought they were the $6 frames since they were in the cardboard display next to them, cashier said no because they were wooden and not plastic)

Holiday Candle set -- $5

Mini Crock -- $3



(2) Queen size microfiber sheets -- $14

Memory Foam Slippers for dad -- $8

Sequin boots for sister -- $15

Riding boots for sister -- $20

Blender -- $8


I think I'm shopped out.

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I did most of my shopping online this year due to illness, and then ventured out to a few stores at noon today. I'm so happy with everything I got! The deals were sweet this year! I got those wii games at black Friday prices a couple weeks ago so I didn't have to worry about those. Here we go:



Fibber $8

2 Play Doh Diggin Rigs sets $7 each

Melissa and Doug Habitat Sticker Set $5

2 Happy Nappers Dragons $7.50 each

Despicable Me $5

The Lorax $4

Megamind $6

Rio $5

Transformers Dark of the Moon $6

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs $9

Vampire Diaries Season 3 $10

Set of 12 Minecraft buttons $9

Dremmel Trio Rotary Tool $45

Vtech ABC Text and Go $9

Madden '13 $25

Medal of Honor Warfighter for ps3 $30


Kmart in store:

Borderlands 2 $20 (had a $15 coupon)


Target in store:

Hot Wheels Super 6-lane raceway! (this was my Big One this BF and I am soooo excited that i got it!) $40

Lego Monster Fighters Swampman -free (coupon)

Fisher price zoo talkers zebra - free (coupon)


Walmart in store:

Hot wheels 9-pack $5

Spongebob Memory $4

Play Doh grocery set $10


TRU in store:

Skylanders Giant Sprocket -free (had gift card from sale a few weeks ago)

Fisher Price Doctor Kit $7.49


And that's my black Friday! I couldn't be happier! I'm excited that I was able to make it out to the stores this afternoon. Amazon Prime really came through for me on everything else. I did do well it changed my whole game plan. From now on I'll stick with amazon and then head to the stores whenever I feel like it and see what's left. :)

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Best Buy

Toshiba 50 inch $399

Seagate 3TB $89

iPad 2 Blk 16GB $339

ipad 4 Blk 16GB $439

Playstation 3 24 inch 3D monitor $99

Toshiba 17 inch laptop $399

Samsung 15 inch laptop bundle $349

LG 3D Blu-ray player $69

iPod Gen 4 Blk 16GB $194 w/ $50 GC


Not bad for an early morning; I'm sure I'll post more later ;).

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Kohl's yesterday - the Nikon camera ($42 after 15% off), a comforter $26 - both shipped to my sister in TX. Went back and bought the Ninja ($39), pjs for me and my mom, 3 'big one' fleece throws ($9), and silver earrings ($17) - will use the $45 kohls cash to finish out mom's clothing list.


Today, my teen finally gave me his list, knocked off 5 video games. He's also getting the $50 Galaxy III phone, and a bunch of other video game related things. Our deal is that I get to pick a bunch of surprise items based on what I find on sale - I'm the deal queen, and know what he likes. He's also getting some tools he asked for.


Bought the 32 Samsung ($247) from Dell. Free shipping - that's going to sister too. She made out well this year. :g_dance: I was going to wait to see if I could get a cheaper one, but the off brand names aren't my favorites.


Lowes online - got the Werner aluminum workstations (17 down from 44), batteries and flashlights.


Amazon - didn't get Brave, but did get a few games and things for my kindle.


Ebay - 1 book (was $20 more on Amazon!), scarves, an acupressure mat for me, and some random stocking stuffers.


Waiting for the 6pm sale tomorrow, I love their shoe brands. Also hoping for good stuff from Sephora and Philosophy.


After that, I'm done. I'm proud of me this year - I'm only spending cash. I refuse to pay off things into next year. Learned my lesson the hard way on that one...

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Wednesday Kohls online- 2 pairs mens levi's, leather gloves, leather belt, tony hawk young mens sweatshirt, nerf darts, steelers coffee mug. was about $165 after 15% off, had a merchandise credit so paid about $139 out of pocket, plus got $45 kohls cash =)



Best Buy- Season 4 Big Bang Theory about 7.50, season 5 big bang theory about 9.50 (after tax, shipped free)

Amazon- Dishonored $24.99, dead island $10.00, walking dead season 1 $8.00


Almost forgot- 6pm yesterday- skateboarding knee pads & 1 pair skullcandy headphones, had an extra 15% off code, I think it was less than $25 total

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I have passed on everything so far. I want to buy something bad but I can't find anything I HAVE to have. It is driving me crazy. I will probably go to BestBuy at midnight tonight to get the XBox 360 Holiday bundle for $199 (I can order still order it online but I want to play it tomorrow). Would have liked to have gotten one of the TV deals but I have no TVs I need to replace right now. I'm stocked up on flash drives and memory cards. Darn it!!!!
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Best Buy

Toshiba 50 inch $399

Seagate 3TB $89

iPad 2 Blk 16GB $339

ipad 4 Blk 16GB $439

Playstation 3 24 inch 3D monitor $99

Toshiba 17 inch laptop $399

Samsung 15 inch laptop bundle $349

LG 3D Blu-ray player $69

iPod Gen 4 Blk 16GB $194 w/ $50 GC


Not bad for an early morning; I'm sure I'll post more later ;).

I kept waiting for the Toshiba 50" all I got was available in store, did I mess up?

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I kept waiting for the Toshiba 50" all I got was available in store, did I mess up?

No; Rewards Zone: Premier Silver Members at Best Buy got to shop early on Monday. This was my first time so I was shocked I was able to get it. Had I waited until now, it wouldn't have happened.

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Went to Walmart at about 8:10, luck was shining down because got an easy parking spot right away by the entrance. The place was packed but very orderly. First time ever I seen them do a line up for the video games and movies. Lines at the registers were non-existent. I was in and out in less than an hour w/ the most time being spent in the video game line.


Was able to get:


-Several Xbox games

-Baby Alive Wets & Wiggles

-2 of the Recipe tins

-The Rubbermaid Storage Set


Couldn't get the men's pajama pants those were gone & the 5 piece candle sets were gone. Going to bed in awhile and heading back out at 4-5am-ish to go to the mall , Penney's opening and then stopping at Office Max on the way home.

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Just got back from Michaels and Walmart.... Got some paper pads at Michaels... then off to brave the chaos of Walmart. Got everything on my list there, except the $3 tin of crockpot recipes. Got 2 pogos for #13, rubbermaid set for $9, 2 Sandisk cards, all 8 Harry Potter movies for $16, $2 each! and lots more. Checkout was disorderly, but didnt' take too long. Got there at 9 out by 1030.
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i wanted one thing, and one thing only. since it sold out early on bestbuy.com, and since walmart didn't do the sale price online - i headed to our local walmart (which isn't in the best of areas).


i watched people get into fist fights over video games and computers, but i was just one of 3 people in line for my item.


so.. i walked out with:


Nabi 2: $138.79 (price after tax). And I behaved and got just that!


Was done and out the door by 8:15!


And I'm so excited, because we do the 4 gifts thing for our kids since so many other people spoil them. This is the present from Santa (along with matching bright red headphones). That leaves me with just a book, pjs, and a bath set to get. (want, need, read, and wear!). Plus candy for the stocking. And I can get all of these in plenty of time since our local walmart is going out of business I'll get it all there in a week or two

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Kmart - $97 32 inch tv.

Walmart - $179 laptop, LBP Karting, 2 straight talk phones, 1 set of pjs, 2 $5 classic storybooks(these books are so pretty), Udraw for wii. Wanted Just Dance 4 but it was gone

Amazon - came home and got Just Dance 4, yay!!




Walmart.com - Hamilton Beach coffee maker, 2 pair of colored jeans for dd.

Oh I also got the Xbox live 3 month gold membership from Amazon yesterday.

Blindside dvd from Amazon

Went back to Walmart today and got Catch Phrase, What Would You Do, Yahtzee Flash and Scrabble Flash all of 9.98 each, men's pajamas.

Peebles - 2 of the diamond accent heart necklaces for 9.99, diamond accent hoop earrings for 9.99.



Went back to Walmart and got 2 more pair of colored jeans for dd. Walmart still had quite a bit of stuff left over.

Amazon - Halo 4, Wappy Dog for Nintentdo ds.



Amazon - Starsky and Hutch dvd, American Wedding dvd

Walmart.com - $59 tablet

Walmart store - 2 1.96 dvds, 1 .96 dvd, 28 piece rubbermaid set


Finishline.com - Thursday got Nike Shox for dd shipped for $28.19

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