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Target Furreal Butterscotch show pony $49.99


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This is my first post, so I hope I am doing right lol... Target stores are having an unadvertised in store sale on the Butterscotch Show Pony for $49.99. It is regularly priced at $119.00. I got one in St. Louis, MO today after reading about it on another site. From the comments on the other website it looks like it is a nationwide deal, peoplewere saying they got them from all over the United States.
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Good luck!


In Los Angeles, my MIL said it was actually tagged as a special deal-- limited time thing. they rang it up on one register and it came up 49.99, but something wasn't working on the transaction and they moved her to another register. it rang up 99.99. ??? they honored the other price, but I think that's really odd. I wonder if it's a window of time or something?

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