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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7inch NOW $179.99 at J&R


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Got mine this Saturday. I ordered it on Nov. 14th at $199 plus the $10 gift card. Gift card did not come with the tablet, but will be mailed the end of the month. I J&R to get price adjustment for the $179.99 price, which is what the price was on NOV. 17. Had to ask for price adjustment and explain displeasure on not getting giftcard with the tablet to use at Blk Fri. Got transferred to another rep and explained. After much bartering and my suggestion (after asking what restock fee was to return, so I can purchase at $179.99) the rep agreed to give me a $10 refund and with $10 gift card, which I don't have yet (lol), it would be a good gesture of customer satisfaction. I agreed. So, will see if the $10 get puts back in 1 to 3 days. Persistence is all it takes. Thanks J&R!
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