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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch now $170.99 @ Sears & Kmart online.


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Well I got it without taxes since I faxed over the Tax exempt form for the school. I am a happy camper :) I want to be able to get the best stuff for the least amount so that we can raise enough money for a new scoreboard for our pool



Still cheaper on Amazon, if you are in a state without taxes though and get free shipping. Its about $12.$$ in taxes. Still a good deal based on original price. Just wish could get around taxes. LOL!

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I wasn't able to get this, I was about 5 minutes too late (it was in my cart) by time I entered info/reward # etc, it was gone, and I checked Sears too, nothing left...maybe pick up in store, but doubtful.


I opted for the J & R deal, thanks for your help racerfan, couldn't have done this stuff without your help.

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