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Buy One Get 1 40% Off Nintentdo Games @ Toyrus.com


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Buy 1 Get 1 40% OFF ALL 3DS, DS, Wii & Wii U Video Games priced 49.99 and below!

Discounted item must be of equal or lesser value to lowest priced item purchased.



It’s easy… just follow these simple steps!


· Must add 2 items to cart in order to qualify for offer


· Maximum 1 discount per order


·This promotion does not combine with other offers


· While quantities last





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There is a game there that is a 2 in 1 pack Shrek & Madagascar. When I added them to my cart it said they were part of a 2 for $25 deal. No matter what I couldn't get it to work though. I ended up putting 4 in my cart. That gave me 2 for $25, 1 for $11.99 (40% off) & 1 @ full price. I will return the extras. I tried customer service but she was not any help. It sounds like their site is experiencing major issues. I really wanted the 2 in 1 pack as they're games my boys play against each other so I got 2 of them, making each game approximately $6.
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I got that email, but the wii u games were already included in the old sale as long as they were under 50.00. THe email I got yesterday was come in to teh store and buy any wii u game and get one 40% off. I may be wrong but I am going to try it in a minute. My son's wii u shipped on Friday.


I got the email too but for the Wii U games it starts tomorrow.

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