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Kids on Black Friday

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Posted Nov 5, 2012 - 9:25 pm

My entire family went out for the first time last year. Husband, 17 yr old son, 12 yr old daughter, and myself. Had a blast. Really helped having so many helpers!

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Posted Nov 6, 2012 - 5:24 pm

My entire family went out for the first time last year. Husband, 17 yr old son, 12 yr old daughter, and myself. Had a blast. Really helped having so many helpers!

How did you get stuff for them? 95% of my BF shopping is for me, DH and my kids.

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Posted Nov 7, 2012 - 6:32 am

When I first started Black Friday shopping, the earliest opening time was Walmart at 6 am in our town. My husband and I had just met and having both been single parents prior, we had limited finances and 5 kids total ages 10 and under. I would send the oldest to her dad's and take the little ones (1, 3, 4, and 6) with me in their PJ's. I put them all in a cart together and I kept one hand on the cart at all times. I didn't brave any area that there was a lot of fighting, etc and I told many many fibs about who I was buying things for (large family) and that if they wanted one they could ask Santa. We just could not find a sitter for that many and if we found one we wouldn't have been able to afford the sitter. Never did I put them in a dangerous situation and when they were a couple years older, my husband had a job where he was home when I left to shop so I no longer had to take them. This allowed me to pull my sister into the mix and she and I now shop in a bigger town with more choices at crazier hours.

Also, I wouldn't take a little one to a new store that you haven't checked out on BF a prior year. The town we go to I would have no problem taking a child to the JCPenney, the Kmart, or even the Walmart... but I would not take any child to Target.. saw an arrest last year as well as a ton of pushing/shoving.. plus it's VERY cold and you do have to wait outside for a long time. But you can kind of judge what the crowd will be like based on past history of a store as well as what is in the ad for them if you've done this for more than a year or so.

So I think that each person needs to decide based on their kids' willingness and ability to be up at those hours, the weather, etc. However I currently have 4 and 8 year old grandchildren and I wouldn't take either of them shopping on Black Friday. First they "want" everything, they will whine if they walk too far, and in general are not good shopping companions for anything longer than 20-30 minutes. Of course, my teenage boys are almost as bad if they have to shop too long so they will stay home and babysit their nieces in exchange for a delivered pizza for lunch... :) If anyone in my area needs a sitter... both my boys love kids and will work for food... lol

#64 CarolinaGirl87  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 7, 2012 - 6:37 am

I think 13+ is a good age to bring along.

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Posted Nov 7, 2012 - 7:13 am

My son went with my husband two years ago when he was 13. Hubby does the Black Friday shopping while I stay home with kiddos. The only bad thing about him taking my son was that when the rest of us met up with them my son kept telling his big sister about all the cool things they bought that morning. Unfortunately some of those cool things were her Christmas presents. Last year my then 14 and 17 year olds went with my husband. This year he probably works Black Friday so he will tell work that he will be in late and hit some stores before he goes in. That is actually how we started Black Friday shopping. My husband often had to work that day and the stores are in the town where he works so he would just leave early to shop before he went to work.

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Posted Nov 9, 2012 - 12:37 pm

I take my kids when they are like 3 and under. Last year I was the one waiting in the Barbie line at WalMart at midnight with my 3 week old snug and asleep in my sling. I'm not sure where everyone lives, but I've been Black Friday shopping for about ten years now and have never EVER seen any sort of fight.

Ditto. I don't take my son anymore now that he's four, but only because he'd be bored and he's old enough to know if I'm shopping for him. BUT I took him when he was 5 months old (well bundled and slept through the whole thing!) and 1 and 2. If it wasn't for these forums, I'd have no idea how dangerous Black Friday was in other areas. And, that is saying A LOT since I live in Miami. People here are known for being rude and road-raged. But in 6 years of Black Friday shopping, I've not once run into a violent person. YEs, some people are frustrated, but slamming someone's head into a paller???? That doesn't happen here (knocking on wood!). In fact, I like Black Friday shopping because...wait for it...people here are NICER at 5am than they are during a regular mall day. I don't credit the people, it might just be that there are so many Walmarts, Targets, and whatever else you want in a short driving distance.

The only thing I advise is to know your child. My son no longer has the patience for Black Friday. And also, if you do bring a small child, PLEASE dress them appropriately. If I see one more baby with only a onesie on while his mom is wearing 5 layers, I'm gonna end up in jail.

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Posted Nov 10, 2012 - 7:18 am

Ill be taking my brother he's 12 yrs old but taller than me and our parents 5`11 lol last year was the first time he went and was able to score me 3 TVs so hes a keeper for sure he's immature the whole time waiting but as soon as that door is about to open he changes his attitude lol
i wish everyday was black friday :g_laughin

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