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DOTD! Apple 11.6" Dual-Core i5 MacBook Air MC968LL/A $759.99 @ Woot.com


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Today's Deal of the Day at Woot.com is the

Apple 11.6" Dual-Core i5 MacBook Air MC968LL/A


$999.99 24% off List Price

Condition New

$5 All You Can Ship

For a limited time, one $5 charge covers standard shipping on all your Woot orders within the same calendar day!




Designing MacBook Air came with one goal: Create an incredibly thin and light notebook computer that's every bit as powerful and capable as one twice its size. With flash storage, durable unibody construction, Multi-Touch technology, and a long-lasting battery, MacBook Air not only achieves that goal, it sets a new standard for what every notebook should be. Perfected down to the millimeter.

Intel Core i5 1.6GHz dual-core processor. Along with fast DDR3 memory, the MacBook Air gains up to two and a half times the processing performance over the previous generation

The display measures a mere 0.19" thin, yet features a resolution equal to that of your typical 13" notebook

Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor includes an on-chip engine for video encoding and decoding. That means you experience video playback and FaceTime calls that are smoother, more responsive, and more true to life

Thunderbolt I/O: With one port, MacBook Air gives you access to a world of high-speed peripherals capable of transferring data up to 12 times faster than FireWire-800 and up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0

With flash storage, your computer starts up in almost no time and accesses data quickly. Flash also gives MacBook Air the astonishing ability to remain in standby mode for up to 30 days

As incredibly compact as MacBook Air is, it still manages to fit a full-size backlit keyboard that makes typing as natural as it is comfortable. A built-in ambient light sensor detects changes in lighting conditions and adjusts the display and keyboard brightness automatically

The Multi-Touch gestures make everything you do on MacBook Air more intuitive, direct, and fun. And the spacious Multi-Touch trackpad is perfectly designed for you, whether it's a three-finger swipe to activate Mission Control or a four-finger pinch to see all your apps in Launchpad

Make video calls with a built-in FaceTime camera that's even smaller than the one inside iPhone 4

Space-efficient stereo speaker design inside the enclosure that projects sound through the keyboard. So you're able to enjoy a richer audio experience while chatting online, watching TV shows, listening to music, or playing games

Since space-saving flash storage leaves room for a bigger battery, you can devote more time to the things you enjoy most. Things like browsing the web, editing photos, and watching videos. You'll get up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge and up to 30 days of standby

When you're wireless, you're truly mobile. That's why MacBook Air features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Wireless connectivity allows you to browse the web, send e-mail, and print documents no matter where you are

Two USB 2.0 ports and a headphone port give you plenty of options. And the Thunderbolt port connects to the Apple Thunderbolt Display and high-speed Thunderbolt peripherals such as external hard drives


The Postal Service now forbids shipping lithium batteries, or any items containing them, outside the US. We need a stateside physical address to ship your order to. Sorry, APO/FPO customers.


Warranty: 1 Year Apple

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty



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My son's High School is loaning each student an apple laptop this year as a test area... He LOVES Macs... me - not so much... ;)

That is pretty cool. I think with the technology that is required now in the schools this is going to become standard. My friend had to get a Mac for college because that was pretty much required. They love theirs.

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That is pretty cool. I think with the technology that is required now in the schools this is going to become standard. My friend had to get a Mac for college because that was pretty much required. They love theirs.

The man that took over Apple is from this area - so all of our High School Students are getting them this year (with the parents having to pay a Hefty Insurance fee) - they were supposed to get them last Tuesday but school was closed due to Issac - so he should get his this week - he's pumped about it - he used Macs in the private school he went to - around here we have PCs - but I guess that will be changing... Thinking back to when "I" went to school and we had typewriters in business class - times SURE ARE CHANGING! ;)

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