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Your FINAL Black Friday Shopping List!

Guest general41391

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Guest general41391

Once you guys finish you list, post them here so everyone can see what you are after!


*Mine is still under construction*


Only confirmed item: eMachine from Best Buy for $149.99

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Virgin Mobile Nokia Cell Phone - $9.99 AR (with Activation)


Kyocera K10 Royale Cell Phone for Virgin Mobile - $19.99


Virgin Mobile Audiovox 8610 Color Flip Phone - $39.97

Melitta Single-Serve Automatic Coffeemaker - $25.00

Game Boy Advance SP w/ Super Mario Advance 2, Car Charger & Case - $68.88

The Simpsons Season 6 DVD Box Set - $17.88


Cingular Motorola Razr V3 Package - $88.73


I tecnically don't want all those phones, but whichever one I can get.

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Best Buy


26 inch Westinghouse LCD HDTV

Emachines desktop for my mom for christmas

17 inch MAG LCD for computer

Kodak 5 megapixel camera to go with computer

SD memory card for camera

some blank CD's

some DVD's




Some DVD's

Kodak easyshare printer/dock for camera got at best buy

Progressive scan DVD player (hoping some left, may just get the one at Best buy with rebate)


Toy's R US


Disney DVD's


(all of this dependant on what Circuit City has by the way)

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I am hoping for:




if I can get them I'll pick up Cabbage Patch Dolls & Care Bears for charity- but I'm going to the GBA's first.

The outerwear vest

PJ Pants



Want to check-out that MP3 Player- I'm looking for a cheaper starter one for my son who doesn't keep track the best of things.



Family Guy DVD/Set (Hoping to get raincheck if they're gone)

Maybe the Video Game Chair



Lego/Magnetix B1G1 I think- I have to double check this.


This is the order I'm hoping to go in too. After I hit TRU'S- I'll backtrack to the mall and see if the clothing stores, Bath and Body, and Disney Store have. May need to add a sidetrip to Fashion Bug first if I find out about any good sales.


We did the heavy electronics last year. So, none of those on my list this time around.

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