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Amazon $8 off coupons on Disney Animated blu-rays (pre-orders) exp Jun 7


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If you want to get some Disney blu-rays cheaper than most places; Amazon has a good track record for having some of the best deals.


Finding Nemo Five-Disc (3D) Ultimate Collectors Edition

Pre-order for $34.99 -$8 off coupon for total of $26.99




Pocahontas Two-Movie Special Edition Three-Disc

Pre-order for $27.99 -$8 off coupon for total of $19.99





The Rescuers Anniversary Three-Disc-Packaging

Pre-order for $27.99 -$8 off coupon for total of $19.99





The Tigger Movie Bounce-A-Rrrific Packaging

Pre-order for $35.99 -$8 off coupon for total of $27.99 (the $35 price should drop below $30 before release)





Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure Two-Disc Packaging

Pre-order for $27.99 -$8 off coupon for total of $19.99





The Aristocats Two-Disc Blu-ray

Pre-order for $27.99 -$8 off coupon for total of $19.99





There is a coupon on each page. Click on it before you add the movie to your cart. Amazon has a habit of price matching Best Buy/or Target as the movies are released. If the price drops, you get the new price plus you still get the $8 off coupon applied. Expect all of these to be cheaper by the time they ship (besides, you can always cancel). An example: I got Lady and the Tramp for $17.99 after the coupon and Amazon had dropped the price to $24.99. I ended up getting it cheaper and no store has had it that low since.

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