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NCAA 2012 Tournament Challenge on GottaDeal.com - Enter & Win a Gift Card!


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Once again we are going to have a pool for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The winner this year will receive a $25 gift card to the store/web site of their choice.


All participants must be registered GottaDeal.com Forum members as of the start of the tournament. Any winner not meeting this criteria will not receive the prize. Don't have an account? Click the register link above. Anyone found to have created multiple accounts to get multiple entries will be disqualified (and possibly banned).


To sign up, go here: http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/en/group?groupID=36901


When prompted for the group password, enter blackfriday


IMPORTANT! When creating your bracket entry, be sure to make your ENTRY name (not your main ESPN account username) the same as your forum username so we know who each entry corresponds to. If we can't match up the winning entry to your username, you won't win the prize. See here:




The brackets will be announced later tonight, but you can sign up right now if you'd like. Good luck to everyone!

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Already a few signups where the entry name doesn't match any forum member. Again, if your entry name doesn't match an existing forum account, you won't win the prize if you are in 1st place.


You can edit your entry settings and change the name, so I'd suggest doing that if you want to win...

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I don't mind that Duke got booted early, as I had them getting kicked out in the Sweet Sixteen.


I DO MIND Missouri, as I had them in the championship game. :( My bracket has more cross-outs than circles.

I had Missouri in the championship game also....

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