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Another Dillards Sale


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WOW! Uggs for that cheap. Which style?

I found these ($250 down to $105)



...and these ($250 down to $105)-- the inner sweater lining unbuttons and can be removed for a simple classic short black boot.



...and these ($200 down to $84)-- like classic tall only with a side zipper (black)




Also had this style on sale (black):



and this one...(brown)



Overall some really nice prices and not just crazy colors either. Granted I wasn't looking for myself, which is the size that I'm convinced everyone in the world wears-- NINE! LOL Got some nice deals for my girls though. As their feet grow, it becomes harder to find older kids shoes for good prices (youths 4, 5, 6) so I look in adults during really good sales.

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Thanks KC-traderbear. How long does the sale last? or was it only a 1 day sale? TIA


I would really like the ones with the sweater insert!

I'm not entirely sure, but they usually run through Saturday. Ya know, sometimes if you have a nice sales clerk, I've had them go in the back and find Uggs for me that were never out on the floor. I just say, "you don't happen to have any sale uggs in size (whatever), do you?" If you get the right personality and they aren't super busy at the time, sometimes they will go back and find some strays. Doesn't hurt to ask! Those uggs with the sweater insert were the ones on display, and so once I took those, unless someone went back and replaced the display, who knows if there were more sizes in the back?!! The clerks get busy with these xtra % off sales and sometimes they just don't get the boots out. Also, just because they weren't there on day 1 doesn't mean they won't show up on day 2! I've seen tables of stuff come out as the sale goes on.



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