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Old Navy extra 50% off


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Scored big time!! Got:

7 flannel & fleece pj bottoms, they only had small and medium left, after digging twice I finally found a large one for myself but it was the only one

4 pairs slipper booties

4 3-packs of mens socks

10 men's t-shirts & long sleeved shirts, most of them were Bears shirts

and a pair of women's boots


I only paid just over $30 because of my Old Navy Bucks! Can't wait for the kids clearance to be extra % off clearance too, but used up all my bucks today. I think I will go back tomorrow and see if I can find anything else.

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Flannel was $3.24 & fleece was $3.74.


I kept going back and forth before Christmas about getting my daughter that guitar-playing t-shirt and ended up not getting it for her for Christmas. Glad I waited because I got it for $2.48! I got my husband and son a bunch of t's for $1.49.

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