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Shopper android apps list


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This post is inspired by several other post about people and their apps. I got my android phone so I can shop on my break and lunch while at work.


What any shoppers should have on his or her android phone:

1. GOTTADEAL.com shop. of course it is FREE. :D

2. Amazon mobile /price compare app: yes they finally come out with the android ver.

3. Group Deal : Groupon, Living Social , YP Daily Deals , Youpon( this one you can see to the other country ,too.)

4. Grocery store /reward apps ( I got 2 : both do electronic coupon and one of them is the old fashion grocery coupon while other one works differently. You would pay the same price in store except the money you save would be add to your account until a certain amount then you can get that in deposit or gift to amazon.... I am voting for the Amazon myself. This 2nd one mostly have several chain pharmacy such as CVS , Rite-Aid... ).

5. Kids eat free : why ? because rising kids means you gotta to feed that bottomless stomach. LOL

6. your favorite retailer's apps.

7. And,then there is that apps I discover and is thinking about getting: Who's Got Gift. using your location it will find your nearest cosmetic counter at nearest retailer that offer a buy certain amount and you get free travel/sampler size of lipstick...etc. type of thing. Told my girlfriend about it and she say that would be the first apps she would get when she get a android phone.

8. Barcode Scanner / Shopper Savvy bar code : 2 strongly recommanded by several people here.



Hm.... If you see anything else let me know. I would love to add them to my phone.

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I like the ones that you scan things in the store to get points, then cash those points in for free giftcards. Checkpoints is one, Shopkick is another. I imagine I can't post my referral link here...but if you just search for both (they are free apps) they should come right up.
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Just be careful about apps. As my provider pointed out to me - anyone can create an app - and they are not all good.


I know I've had to have my phone wiped clean a few times cause I've downloaded some apps that have just really messed up my phone. Even though you may delete an app, it still lingers on your phone (or so that's what Sprint told me).

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