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GottaDeal.com Black Friday AIM chat


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We already have the GottaDeal flash chat but some people prefer AIM chat.


AIM = America Online Instant Messenger which is FREE and AOL dialup is not required. Non-AOL customers can use AIM.


Download AIM or you can use Trillian, GAIM, DeadAIM, etc.


Logon to AIM and send and add GottaDealRossMAN to your buddy list or post your AIM here.


The night is young and let's getting chatting :gd_orange

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You are an honorable opponent :tongue1:


markraby: lol, yeah, who knows

markraby: I think, given that it's 2:15 AM here, I will have to call it a night as well.....so you can claim your victory

markraby: good night, Ross

markraby: has left the room.


Now I'm left all alone to talk to myself ...

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