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WowWee Alive Baby Animal-Lion Cub REG $59.99 NOW $19.99 +FS @ Buy.com


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Nice Price on this Fun Toy from Buy.com ...

WowWee Alive Baby Animal-Lion Cub

List Price: $59.99

You Save 66%

Our Price: $19.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Total Price: $19.99




Meet Lion Cub, the first in a new series of life-like cubs from Wow Wee Alive. With realistic-looking fur, petting Lion Cub is a true-to-life experience! Pick him up by scruff of the neck and his legs will go limp, like a real cub being carried by its mother! Playing with Lion Cub is as close as you can get to having the real wild animal in your home. Lion Cub has blinking eyes, an animated mouth and an array of sounds. Listen to him purr when you stroke his back, pat his head, or cradle him. Leave him alone for five minutes and he will purr as he enters Sleep Mode. Wow Wee Alive Lion Cub is the perfect companion for play and cuddles.



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