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need advice on xbox 360 new 4gb vs used 250bg----asap please

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thanks for any and all advice from the xbox 360 enthusiasts. yesterday before i left for shopping i put a bid on a USED xbox 360 250gb console with 1 controller, some banjo game, the av cable, and headset. well, the winner backed out so now i have a chance to get it for $212. (it is the slim design if that makes any difference). and last night while i was out i purchased the NEW walmart xbox 360 4gb system with the kinect that was on sale. i then happened upon the kinect bundle @ target so i picked that up in case i wanted the original deal. i have until 6pm tonight to make up my mind. what should i do? (and oh, according to my husband, the bidder was "shielding bids" or something along that line so it would go for more, i think). but none the less i need help, asap.....please. i am just worried that if the used system doesn't work, then i am out that money.
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I'd just keep the new version , If the winner backed out. Then perhaps he figured that he could get the same deal brand new at microsoft.com or one of the online sites for $199.00 plus shipping. If the used one dont work then you outta luck. He's charging to much for a used item. When you can buy brand new cheaper.
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