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Official One-and-Only "What I Got" & "My Black Friday Experience" Thread

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Posted Nov 28, 2011 - 9:37 am

Best Buy - Garmin 40LM, Toshiba Blu-Ray player, and a couple of BR movies.
Wal-Mart - Jeans for the kiddo, couple of BR Movies, SD memory cards and a Red Bull to keep me moving
GameStop - Traded in my old version Xbox 360 and 8 (really old) games and got the 4GB Xbox 360 free. :gdnum1:

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Posted Nov 28, 2011 - 12:01 pm

Walmart @ 10:30pm - Crazy
Items: PJs, Inception (Blu-ray), Princess Bride (Blu-Ray)
I asked to cut someone in line, they said no, then asked someone else, they said yes. Woo hoo!

Toys R Us @11:15 - line too long to wait. The sad part was that I had a good number of things I needed to get here.

Best Buy @11:40 - line around building
@12:00 we get out of our car and go wait in line. It was another 45 minutes before we finally go inside. Way worse then the 5:00am openings
The checkout line was long, but kept moving and ended up walking out with everything on my list.

Target @1:30 - Not crazy at all.
Got 2 Leapster games w/ $4 off coupon for each making them $11 each, a very good deal. And waited about 7 minutes in line.

Toys R Us (again) @2:15 - much better the second time.
I proceeded to ask several associates to get down boxes corresponding to the item numbers I needed (4 in all). Got about 90% of my list. Yeah!

Walmart (again) @3:15, empty. It was like shopping on a Wednesday night about an hour before closing. And people were friendly again. A few more items, then right on line and done.

Sleep @3:45

Later in the day I went back to Toy R Us with the wife and those items I asked to get down, were not completely gone, so I'm really glad I went back.

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Posted Nov 28, 2011 - 2:53 pm

My Black Thursday/Friday

Went to WM at 7:00 pm with my 15DD, her friend and my BFFs 17DD. I was given the task to teach those girls how to shop. LOL So I placed each one of them at a different pallet and instructed them what to grab (they all have iphones so we kept in touch that way and planned to meet at garden center as soon as assignments were completed). While the girls were in position I went around the store getting the things that were not wrapped up and let me tell you it was crazy just trying to get around! Took my place near the $10 sheet and $1 towels (figured that would be the worst place to be). At 9:30 got a text from my DD saying they just unwrapped her pallet and within minuets of the text like a wave around the store everything was unwrapped. My DD got 3 of the 19.98 Wii games, her friend got 10 of the $1.98 DVDs and the 17 year old got 2 of the $10 crock pots. I got 3 sets of sheet but no towels. It was nuts there! We met back in the garden center where I conveniently picked up 2 of the memory foam topper that I mistook for memory foam pillows (I blame it on my blonde hair). Got in line and we were out the door by 10:15. It was a very successful run and we got out of the parking lot while everyone was still trying to get in. :gdthums:

Then we drove the 40 min up to the mall. Got there a little after 11:00 and got a GREAT parking spot. Watched from the car as everyone lined up at the Macy's and I decided we would wait until right after 12 to go in. I did not want to have to knock someone out if the rain over one of the kids. ;) So right at midnight they opened the doors and all the brilliant people pushed and shoved and knocked a few people down trying to get in the door. We strolled right in at 12:05 :sidesplit

Kids and I split in to pairs. I went to Bath and Body Works first. Our store was only letting 40 people in the store at a time which was great! We were in the first group to get in and I got what I wanted plus 2 of the $20 bags and was out of there in 15 min or so. They impressed me more then anyone with there system. Then went to Express and got myself some jeans and shirts for a great price. There check out line was just silly and it took me 45 min to get out of there. Moved on to American Eagle to get my DD some things (in and out in 25 min) on to New York & Company where I got myself more stuff :). Tried to go to Holister but holy crap the line started at 1 door and you had to walk threw the check out line to look around the store so I gave up and left. After that we met up at the food court thinking we could get food since none of us had eaten since about 4 pm.

And holy crap not 1 restaurant was open with food. The only place open serving drinks had a line that wrapped around the whole food court. I have no idea what they were thinking because there were people EVERYWHERE looking for food. They lost so much money by not being open.

We sat there until 4 when the restaurants opened ate and went back at it. Went to JC Penny's and got some stuff at Sephora. Got some tools at Sears. I had put off going to Old Navy because the lines were just crazy so went there and got some $1 scarves. By then I was so tired and I had to get home and cook!

Got home and the kids crashed I stayed up and cooked out day after Thanksgiving dinner and was a grouchy guss rest of the day. LOL Don't think I'll do the all nighter again next year.

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Posted Nov 28, 2011 - 10:27 pm

I did some online shopping at JCP and Kohls. What I really wanted was the Toshiba Thrive tablet from the Best Buy ad. It was sold out when I checked online and I didn't want it badly enough to stand in line for it, so I gave up on it. Then late Thursday night, I got an email from NewEgg with their "Ultra Secret Black Friday Deals." Lo and behold, the tablet was one of the deals for $199 (free shipping, no tax) which was $80 less than Best Buy's price. I stayed up til 1am and got it! WooHoo!:woot2: That has got to be my best BF deal ever!

Oh, and I also got Psych seasons 1-4 on Amazon for $7.99/each.
My friend picked up Disney Universe Wii from Target for me, since I missed it on Amazon.
Then, Friday night, I decided the craziness must surely be over, so I took the kids to Target because we were out of Q-tips. While we were there, they found a couple $3.99 dvds, so we picked up Fantastic Mr. Fox and Night at the Museum 2.

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