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Where do you buy paper towels??

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Ok guys,

I have kids and my DH is addicted to these paper towels. My one roll goes away in 2 days.


Which is the best place to purchase paper towels? I usually do Samaclub.


But do you think that if they go on sale in regular grocery stores- u get a good deal on them??


I know this is not really deal finder or soemthing, but just needed some help here because the rate at which paper towels fly at my house is amazing!!




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Their diapers, I am shamed to say, are crappy. They will do the job if you are willing to put up with some stuff, like accidentally touching the Velcro tab to the diaper and throwing the whole thing away, but Huggies are much better. And Huggies sends you TONS of coupons if you complain. Kirkland has other things on their minds. Their diapers should be made out of their paper towels.
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