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Macys $10 off $25 Coupon, Valid on November 15th and 16th Biggest "One" Day Sale


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Macys $10 off $25 Coupon, Valid on November 15th and 16th Biggest "One" Day Sale of the Year

You can print the coupon via the following link:



Macys Biggest "One" Day Sale: November 15th and November 16th, 2011


The coupon is valid on both days until 1 PM. Almost every store I've been to will allow customers to use the $10 off $25 coupon until 2:00 PM. All Macys will open at 8:00 AM on Tuesday November 15th and 7:00 AM on Wednesday the 16th.


The coupon excludes: the regular priced items, EDV (items end in 98 cents), Morning Specials, and Super Buys (i.e. Levis).

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Thanks so much for sharing!! Got Hilfiger pillows for all our bedrooms for $4.20 each!! Originally 30.00 on clearance for 16.00 additional 40% off clearance then the coupon!! Wish they had king size, but that price for standard was a "no brainer"!! The Ralph Lauren king size pillows were 12.99 down from $50 (special price) and the coupon didn't apply, but still very happy with those too!
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thanks...I printed it 3 times...do you think i can use them all or are they coded?

there was some hiccup about this at the store I went to yesterday but the higher ups came around and said so long as its separate transactions a customer can use as many as they want. I got lucky that I overheard a gentleman offering his extras since I only printed 1 to go with the one from newspaper since I figured my father wouldn't have much patience for shopping.


I managed to get him his wok for 7.99, they were on sale for 17.99 down from $50 and he ended up buying 2(1 for his friend) so I just told him to charge the guy sale price:P They looked like they were part of One day sale but I figured if you don't try you lose out anyway, the coupon went through like a charm. Then we headed to the men's shoe department where we EVENTUALLY got 2pairs of New Balance sneakers at 19.90 each a pair of pumas for 24 and some reebok or nikes for 20.xx. I split it into 2 purchases and used last two coupons. I picked up some JCPenny flyers but he had given up and we just exchanged a shirt and left.

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OMG...I've just printed another 10 copies...Mother's bff is going to take me shopping today :) Silly lady has trouble shopping by herself. Apparently she found some mens dress pants perry ellis for 9.99 and club room shirts for 3.99. It's so nice to be able top stock up on necessities.


Maybe today I can pay the coupon I got yesterday forward:)

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