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Dynex- Stereo Earbud Headphones $2.99 ($8) shipped @ bestbuy.com


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11/18 price update: now $2.99 & free shipping - back in stock!


Dynex™ - Stereo Earbud Headphones - Red

Regular: $7.99

Save: $7.00

Final: $0.99 free shipping

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Dynex%26%23153%3B+-+Stereo+Earbud+Headphones+-+Red/2343572.p?id=1218321295722&skuId=2343572&st=Dynex Stereo Earbud Headphones&cp=1&lp=1




I bought 5 pairs. My family loves to break their headphones.

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added price update
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Thanks Noehlp for updating the price. :yup:

I bought 5 pairs last time and picked them up at the store and the Clerk couldnt believe the price I got them for. :eek:

The tag said Reg: $9.99 (in store). We have already tried a pair out and they work great and I dont have to fret when they break or lose them!

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