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Old Navy 50% off Clearance PLUS Additional 30% off with ON Credit Card & coupon


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Womens and mens clearance is 50% off the clearance price plus I got a (stuff & save) coupon in the mail for 30% off all purchases, a few things I got:

Flip flops for $0.34!

Clearance t's for $1.21 & $2.79

Shorts for my husband for $ $2.44

A pair of womens sneakers for $4.02

Plus I got ANOTHER Old Navy re-usable bag for free with the coupon!

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I went to Old Navy today...Also got flip flops but they were only 10 cents!! If you use your Old Navy card you get an additional 30% off! My total purchase was 11 pairs of boxer shorts and a pair of flip flops. The grand total WITH TAX was 89 cents for EVERYTHING! Gotta love paying 7 cents each!!!! It's also fun to walk out of the store with a large bags full of stuff that totalled less than $1
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thanks for posting. I called around and found 1 store with 50% off while others had 30% off extra on clearance so stopped at them all w/50% store as 1st stop. I managed to get everything I needed and use up $10 rewards I had plus the $10 birthday discount they sent me which expires 10/31 as well as using up a gift card that had been rolling around my purse for a few years. Not sure if anyone else took advantage but they were giving out SuperCASH for use 11/17-11/22 $10 for every $20 spent(up to $30 per purchase) before extra 30% off. I doubt I will use them since you have to spend double to use the; ie $20 cash must purchase $40, $10 cash must purchase $20 and $30 cash must use $60.


The 50% store wouldn't let me combine the bday coupon with 30% from card but I just separated stuff out, they also had me go back to the end of the line again for separate order which I thought was ridiculous but whatever, I was not losing out my discount since 50% finished today. We're only missing 1 pair of pants to complete a set for my cousins' bday next year since we already had their christmas stuff boxed up. I was THIS close to getting halloween outfits for GS and his sister but decided against it since they're quite bulky&hot but would have been about $1.50 each. Nothing as cheap as posted above but got some black shimmery jeans for me at $4.50+30% off.

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