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Dillards 40% Off Clearance - YMMV


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Today cardholders get additional 40% off Clearance prices.


They had lots of Coach purses that were 30% off then you get the 40% off. Had lots of cloth signature styles and actually quite a few leather handbags. I only get the leather handbags (I'm very rough with my bags and don't care for any of the signature styles) so was VERY pleased to have scored the kristin leather satchel for $150.00!! The last two times they've had this sale, there were no leather coaches on clearance, so getting this one was a great find. Last one of this style and the clerk was actually trying to show me another style and accidentally found the satchel. Several other leather styles left at 12:30pm in Firewheel Dillards.

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TODAY! Stumbled across the sale this morning. Everything marked down is now an additional 40% off. Got over half my Christmas shopping done. Lots of Coach purses (only one style in leather), lots of D&B and other brands I didn't recognize. Got some great summer bags (large wicker, plaids) that were originally 99.00 marked down to 14.99 then 40% off plus my 10% off shopping pass = $8!! Thats was better than 90% off!!!


Also got boys clothes, mens polos and some great clothes for me too. Best shopping day at Dillards in a long time.


**Today is for cardholders only, but I'm assuming they will take any payment tomorrow. I didn't get the email notice this time, so not sure when the sale will end, but guessing Sunday.

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I hate their clearance return policy. They only give you 3 days (include the shopping day) to return the merchandise. I went Thurs and had to return some of them (picky DH) on Sat (last day). I understand that some people abuse the return policy and waited months before returning anything. By that time, it's out of season, or out of style -- useless. I'm just asking like a week... VENT over.
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