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Have you started shopping yet for holidays 2011?

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#61 PerkynPunctual  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 3, 2011 - 4:42 am

I've done a bit of shopping already, but not as much as I have in previous years. I stocked up on clearance christmas ornaments that I give to people in the days after Christmas last year. My teens aren't really sure what they want this year, so I don't have much other than some stocking stuffers and a few odds and ends for them but no idea on what their bigger gifts will be. My husband is deployed and will be gone still at holiday time, so we have finished our shopping for him so we can be sure to get it to him in time.
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#62 Chewbybell  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 9, 2011 - 11:52 am

I have started and done pretty well, I am usually at least halfway done by now though, not so much this year. I like to look all year for just the perfect gift at a price I am willing to pay for each person because I hate just getting desperate and grabbing something at the end (because that is what I do if I don't have it already, I get panicky and just grab something).

#63 racerfan  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 9, 2011 - 12:22 pm

I have not started yet. Bad year so far. The kids have not given any clues on anything for them. My Nephews will get cash since that is what they want. Yikes its October already.

#64 delphernina  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 9, 2011 - 12:37 pm

Yes - Mostly just extended family presents such as grandma's and nieces. I did pick up a very small gift for my husband the other day. This year I'm actually at a loss for what to get the kids so who knows when I'll get to start shopping for real this year.

#65 theboyzmom  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 9, 2011 - 3:29 pm

I haven't bought anything yet. I usually buy my first gift around this time of year, but I really have no idea what to get everyone this year. My kids are moving out of the toy age, and it's getting a little depressing. My daughter still likes barbies and american girl things, but beyond that I really don't know.

That's my problem too, nobody I buy for plays with toys anymore...shopping isn't as much fun and no need to buy too early now

I have started buying a few things, but with cutting the list down so much, I don't want to do too much now and end up with NOTHING to buy when we get closer

#66 bpr  OFFLINE  


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Posted Oct 9, 2011 - 3:40 pm

I shop all year, lol.
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#67 Jen198  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 19, 2011 - 2:40 pm

Just bought my first 3 gifts today! A Yankees jersey and a Yankees wallet for my Dad and a Red Sox jersey for my DH! The prices were too good to pass up. =)
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#68 momof3luvs1  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 20, 2011 - 4:07 am

Just bought my first 3 gifts today! A Yankees jersey and a Yankees wallet for my Dad and a Red Sox jersey for my DH! The prices were too good to pass up. =)

Wow, your dad is a Yankee fan and dh is a red sox fan?? That would of caused so many problems in my house....LOL

#69 Mandy4Matt  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 20, 2011 - 6:08 am

I've pre ordered a Kindle fire for DD and that's it! Hubby is supposed to go look at a used dirt bike for our middle son this weekend and if he gets that ..it will knock out a huge gift..and lift a huge weight off my shoulders..because it's a great deal. I need to find the youngest a used dirt bike as well...but I'm not too worried about his..as it's a smaller model and easier to find...the oldest is getting a laptop, so I'm waiting to see some super deals!

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