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Were are the smiley's?


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We recently updated the vBulletin forum software. Part of that upgrade was a newer editor for posting/replying to messages (including the auto-save feature).


In the past, we had a special add-on that showed all the smilies in the "quick reply" box. That add-on (which was not an official vB add-on) no longer works with the new vB version.


So until that add-on is updated, to get the full set of similes you'll have to click the "Go Advanced" button and then on the right side of the message box you can click the [More] link under the smilies shown to see the full list.


I'll see if I can do anything to make things easier in the meantime.


I'm also thinking of updating the smilies (and the stock avatars) soon as well.

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