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NEW: Add icons for your social networking profiles (FB, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)


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In the past we've had a couple of these, but never all of them together at once. This gives you an easy way to connect with other GDers. For your privacy, only logged in visitors to the forum will see these.


To add them to your profile (they'll show under your avatar next to all your posts) go here:




and scroll down to the bottom of that page.


Some hints for each:


Facebook: you can either enter your "vanity" name if you have one, or your profile ID # which is normally in the URL of your profile page


Twitter: self-explanatory, it's your Twitter username


Google+: when you log in and view your profile, you'll see a long number in your browser's address bar. Paste that number here


LinkedIn: Log in and go here: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view? - the address bar should change and add your profile #. Paste that in this field.


YouTube: your username, easy one.


eBay: your username - get free added exposure for your auctions if you sell on eBay




If you have questions or can't get any of these numbers for whatever reason, post in this thread and we'll help you out.

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