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I dont have any codes but I recently had to rent a car and discovered some travel agencies on ebay selling vouchers for hertz and some other rental places very cheap. You might want to look there and see if you can find a good deal. I also just googled car rental coupon codes and a ton of sites came up these look promising http://www.rentalcarmomma.com/ http://www.rentalcodes.com/ Ive never used them myself so I cant say if there good or not but it worth a shot.Ive found googleing for coupon codes pretty effective I just type the item I'm looking for then coupon code i.e. "rental car coupon code", and there are usually quite a few
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My daughter is going to Florida the beginning of August from TN for 9 day does anyone have a coupon code that could help Thanks

Where in TN will she be leaving from? I live in VA close to TN border, and will be renting our car from TriCities Nissan this year for vacation. They have 21 dealerships in TN so maybe there will be one in her area that has rental cars. You get a Nissan Altima for $30.00 a day with unlimited mileage. I could not find a better deal than that through any of our local rental companies. May be worth checking out.

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