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Over-the-range/microhood any & all help needed

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OMG .. why are over the range microwaves so expensive??? I know that Best Buy has some coupons out there right now for Reward Zone members, but when you are looking at something that will run like $150 - 10% off isn't much!


I'd start shopping around for floor models or open box specials.


My handle broke off about a year ago. Microwave still works - and now the handle has been put back on with duct tape about 3 times now. My kids will not let their friends into my kitchen anymore!

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I did some research a year or two ago. I got discouraged by reading the reviews. There were some models sold by Sears that the reviewers were telling how their over-the-range units had the doors warp from the heat of the stove. Of course they said they mounted them as directed by the owners install guidelines. I was tempted to just put up a metal shelf and sit a "normal" unit on the shelf. But I really wanted a stove steam/exhaust filtering system since I didn't have an easy way to vent outside. But then it would probably turn out to look like a cobbled together setup. So I still have my old unit with it's defective timer. Lots of luck!
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