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Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers - Phoenix Trading Company?


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Hi All,

I need your advice... I'm moving into a new place this weekend and wanted to get new hangers. I heard really good things about the joy mangano huggable hangers so I went to look for them and found a 100 pc pack for $59.99 + shipping... from the Phoenix Trading Company. Has anyone ever heard of this company?

Any help would be great!


Thanks in advance! :)

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I thought that she only sold those through HSN, but I could be wrong. I thought that I was buying JM hangers from ebay, and once I got them, they were another brand. I have JM hangers, and I have also purchased the same style of hangers at Costco. I like the Costco hangers too and you get about 50 hangers for under $20.
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I have also bought JM knock-off hangers at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but they are not as nice and break easily. The best ones I have were purchased at Costco. They are heavier, and hold big men's clothing without bending. Unfortunately, I believe they only come in black, but they are certainly worth the price.
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