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So much for waiting for BF LOL--check out my TRU success today


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A big thanks to Mara for giving me the heads-up on the military appreciation day our local TRU had on Sunday. I went to the customer service desk and told them I bought things on Saturday that I wouldn't have gotten then had I known about the event on Sunday. The girl talked to her manager and was told she could not give me the discount on what I'd already purchased, but if I spent $75 today, they'd let me have 20% off of that purchase using a special "friends and family" coupon. She also said I could not return and rebuy what I just bought on Saturday...but said they are going to be doing another military appreciation event in early December (heads up, Mara!) and, in a low voice, she told me to keep the Pixter I got because they might go out of stock, but if they are in stock, return it closer to the next military appreciation event, and then re-buy it then. So what I plan to do about that is keep an eye on the BF ads and if what I bought goes on sale, I'll get a price adjustment on BF, and if it's not in the ads, I'll do the return/rebuy at the next military appreciation day.


So...on to today! I did the Little Tikes deal. Bought one LT toy for my nephew, got a free BC Builders toy for my 4-year-old. I also picked up the Imaginext T-Rex Mountain for my kindergartener and the new Learn Through Music Plus for my dd's 2nd birthday next month.


Original prices:

$19.99 Little Tikes toy

$19.99 BC Builders (Little Tikes) toy

$34.99 Learn Through Music Plus

$34.99 T-Rex Mountain w/bonus dinos

= $109.96 total before tax


- 20% friends and family/military appreciation discount

- $5 printable coupon

= $ 67.98 subtotal


+ 6.46 tax

- $10 gift card (thanks to mypoints.com)

= $64.44 total paid


Woohoo! :D

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Great deal. I think with the $10 coupon I had and $10 gift card from mypoints.com (love that program!) I saved the $20 too. Im not sure if my TRU has the military appreciation day as my husband served in the Air Force. Hmmm, have to check that one out

You have to have a valid military ID for the military appreciation deal here. Don't know if it has to be active duty or not (so, say your dh has a retiree card--if he served that long--don't know if that would work). Definitely check though, it can't hurt!
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Go to mypoints.com its a site where if you sign up and agree to read their emails, advertisements etc you will earn pointes. If you sign up for any of their offers then you get so many more points. At any time you can trade your mypointes for mechandise (giftcards). In my case I earned enough for a Toys R Us giftcard and also a Walmart giftcard. You should check it out
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Can you please clarify "mypoints program" and


"millitary appreciation day"?




www.mypoints.com gives you points for clicking through their links to shop, reading their emails and clicking on links, and taking advantage of special offers. Once you get about 800 points you can start redeeming them for gift cards.


The military appreciation day is something that local stores around here do because they are close to a large military base and nearly all the soldiers at it are deploying again. It's their way of supporting the families still here. A few stores have a military discount year-round; others will have a special one-day event with a discount for military.

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