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Groupon: $20 Barnes & Noble for $10 (valid in-store, online or on Nook)


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One quick note. This is a secret link. it won't get listed on groupon website as the official deal of day until tomorrow. Just so you know... Beep the time is now at 7:51pm PST. And the deal has topped at 23,903. The deal was unlock at 3:02(EST ? ) and that time only 25 people bought it. there is a high volumn and won't let you log in. Try to log in from the Mygroupon side.... From there you won't find it under Chicago ,either.


I hope it work because when I click that link it say if you already has a groupon acct just use that email and the password..... Good luck to everyone


Update: Feb 4: This morning I got the confirmation that the order went through. I didn't log in (problem is not fixed)

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