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Extra 50% off clearance at The Childrens Place


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is this valid for outlet stores?

I'm trying to figure that out too! I have a very skinny kid, and for some reason children's place pants and pj's are the only ones that fit her right. Would be worth the drive out to the outlet if it is an extra 50% there too!

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Finally was able to go today and the outlet did have an additional 50% off clearance. But the prices and the selection weren't very good in my opinion. I can usually do much better there... probably just need to wait it out another couple weeks for the super deals.
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Was still just an extra 50% Off clearance at our local TCP. There was a stash of size 10 boys' blue jeans (about 8 pair) on clearance for $10, so they would have been $5, but I think they must have been a closeout or something, as I saw no other jeans that low priced.

Walked out empty handed, and hoping for those $2.99 racks!


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